Twenty three Fins swimmers competed in the Annual Warrender Meet, held at the Michael Woods centre, Glenrothes.


The swimmers contested 79 swims and the improvement rate was down a bit to 68%, perhaps not too surprising given recent results, but there were, however, some very good PBs. It was good to see so many younger swimmers taking part, and doing well, many of whom had only swum at the Novice leagues previously.


From the 78 swims the swimmers gained six wins, six 2nd, and eight 3rd placings plus a further thirty three top 10 finishes.


Fins top swimmer, in terms of performance, was Adam Selbie, 13 years boys, who had two wins and the largest PB of the older swimmers with a time of 4 minutes 41.75 seconds in his 400m freestyle, recording a 15.57 second PB. This swim also made an impact on the Fins’ top 50 rankings with Adam entering the rankings in 39th position. The swimmer dropping out the rankings is Mark Simpson who set his time at Whitburn in May 1988. The entry time to the top 50 is now 4 minutes 52.41 seconds.

The Scottish rankings have not yet been updated and I hope that the results will be forwarded to British Swimming as Adam’s swim will rank him in 2nd place, just over 5 seconds from the number one spot.

Adam’s second win came in the 100m backstroke where he reduced his time set in Sheffield earlier in the month, this time taking 1.50 seconds off, in a time of 1 minute 7.63 seconds. This should move him up one place in the Scottish rankings to 4th place and just 0.84 seconds from 2nd spot.

Adam didn’t stay in 48th position in Fins’ top 50 for very long as his latest swim moves him up to 40th place.

Back row L to R – Charlotte, Kristin, and Kimberley
Front row L to R – Abby, Eva, Caleb, Ethan, and Irys

Fins top swimmer, in terms of achievement, was Kristen Mackay, 14 years girls, who also had two wins plus two 2nd placings.

Kristen’s wins came in the 400m freestyle and 100m butterfly and remains 8th in the Fins’ top 50 and 18th in the 100m butterfly, and remains 6th in Scotland in the 400m freestyle and 18th in the 100m butterfly in the 15 years  rankings.

Kristen’s 2nd placings came in the 200m individual medley and the 100m breaststroke. In the 200m individual medley Kristen remains in 15th place in the Fins top 50 and in the 100m breaststroke she moves up one place from 17th to 16th. In the Scottish rankings she remains in 18th place and in the 100m breaststroke her time of 1 minute 21.74 seconds, which is a 0.42 second PB, moves her from 29th to 25th in Scotland.


Another winner was Ethan Pate, 12 years boys, in the 400m Freestyle, with a 4.30 second PB. Ethan’s time of 5 minutes 11.50 is still a bit short of Fins’ top 50 but would move him from 11th to 3rd in the Scottish rankings, just under 5 seconds away from 2nd place.

Ethan was 2nd in the 100m freestyle with a 3.14 second PB and his time of 1 minute 6.70 seconds would rank him 3rd in Scotland.

He was 3rd in both the 100m butterfly and 200m individual medley. His 100m butterfly produced the second largest PB from the older Fins’ swimmers at 5.03 seconds, and his time of 1 minute 22.09 seconds would move him from 25th to 8th in the Scottish rankings.

Ethan’s remaining two swims saw him finish 4th in the 100m breaststroke and 5th in the 100m backstroke.

Charlie and Chelsea

Charlie Jack, 9/U boys, was Fins’ final winner when he gained 1st place in the 50m breaststroke and his time of 59.38 seconds meant he was the only swimmer to go under the one minute mark.

The National Rankings start at 8 years and go up in single years to 18, so Charlie’s time should rank him in 9th in Scotland.

Charlie also finished 10th in the 50m freestyle,


Unfortunately, there were no medals on offer but there were a further four swimmers who had a top 3 finish.


Millie Whytock, 10 years girls, had two second places in the 50m backstroke and 100m individual medley. Millie remains 2nd in the 50m backstroke and 4th in the 100m individual medley, 10 years girls’ Scottish rankings. She was also 3rd in both the 50m butterfly and 200m freestyle. Millie is likely to be ranked 12th in Scotland for her 50 fly and 4th in the 200m freestyle.

Millie also had a 4th place finish in the 50m breaststroke, and is likely to be ranked 20th in Scotland.


Caleb Gray, 12 years boys, was 2nd in the 400m freestyle. Caleb’s time of 5 minutes 21.77 seconds means that Caleb is likely to be ranked 10th in Scotland, up from 22nd.

Caleb was 4th in the 100m freestyle with the 5th largest PB, from the older swimmers, of 3.03 seconds. He was also 5th in the 100m butterfly, 200m individual medley, and 100m breaststroke, and was 6th in the 100m backstroke.


Dmitrii Tincovan, 12 years boys, had three 3rd placings and they came in the 100m individual medley, 50m breaststroke, and 50m freestyle, and was 5th in the 50m backstroke.


Jack Campbell, 11 years boys, was 3rd in the 50m butterfly, and his time of 40.68 seconds is likely to rank him 14th in Scotland. Jack also had three 4th placings and they were 200m freestyle where he recorded the largest PB from the younger swimmers of 21.88 seconds.  And his time of 2 minutes 51.16 seconds is likely to rank him 7th in Scotland. His other two 4th place events were the 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle, and his freestyle time of 36.02 seconds would rank him 19th in Scotland.

Jack also recorded a 6th place finish in the 100m individual medley, and in this event, he recoded the 4th largest PB, from the younger swimmers, of 9.49 seconds.

Back row L to R – Emilia, Lily, Bryony, Eden, Jack, and Dimitrii.
Front row L to R Summer, Grace, Millie, Sadie, Chelsea, Cole, and Bailey

The results from the remaining swimmers are:

Cole Gray, 11 boys, 5th in both the 100m individual medley and 50m butterfly, and his time of 1 minute 32.50 seconds, in the 100m individual medley, is likely to rank Cole in 24th place in Scotland. Cole also finished in 6th place in the 50m backstroke.

Emilia Wisniewska, 12 girls, 5th – 50m butterfly; 9th – 50m freestyle

Irys Blair, 13 girls, 6th in both the 200m individual medley and 100m backstroke; 8th – 100m butterfly; 10th – 100m freestyle; and 13th – 100m breaststroke.

Bailey Salmond-Wills, 10 boys, 6th – 50m freestyle, 7th – 50m breaststroke.

Sadie Paton, 11 girls, 6th – 200m freestyle. Sadie’s time of 3 minutes 10.01 seconds was the second largest PB, from the younger swimmers, of 14.11 seconds.

Sadie’s other results were – 8th – 50m backstroke; 10th – 100m individual medley; 11th – 50m breaststroke; and 12th in both the 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly.

Grace Mills, 10 girls, 6th – 50m breaststroke; 11th – 50m backstroke; 13th – 50m freestyle; and 16th – 100m individual medley.

Bryony Smart, 10 girls, 7th – 50m freestyle; 8th in the 100m individual medley, 50m breaststroke, and 50m backstroke; and 12th – 50m butterfly.

Eva Watson, 7th – 400m freestyle; 13th – 100m freestyle

Charlotte Wardlaw, 15/O girls, 13th – 400m freestyle; 16th – 100m breaststroke; and 35th – 100m freestyle.

Summer Ramshaw, 11 girls, 13th – 50m breaststroke; 22nd – 50m freestyle, where she produced the third largest PB, from the younger swimmers, of 12.51 seconds; and 24th – 100m individual medley.

Kimberley McCabe, 15/O girls, 15th – 200m individual medley; and 24th – 100m backstroke.

Eden Mackie, 10 girls, 17th – 50m backstroke.

Chelsea Walker, 10 girls, 20th – 50m breaststroke, where she produced the fifth largest PB, from the younger swimmers, of 9.38 seconds; and 26th – 50m freestyle.

Lilly Bonnar, 10girls, 24th – 50m freestyle; 35th – 50m backstroke

Abby Morris, 15/O girls, 27th – 100m breaststroke; 38th -100m freestyle.


Well done again to all the swimmers, that was a very encouraging weekend, which shows a lot of potential throughout the club.


I tried to highlight the number of swimmers who may feature in the Scottish rankings, if, and when, the results from the weekend are included, and not only is this due to the hard work of the swimmers but a fantastic effort from Ian Lewis and his team of coaches and before that the team of teachers, to get them on the pathway through the club.


One thing for the swimmers to bear in mind about the rankings is that for every swimmer who moves up the rankings others drop down. That did happen to a few Fins’ swimmers and not necessarily because they did not achieve a PB. The rankings move frequently so there is no need to be concerned about a downward movement, but the challenge is to try to have more ups than downs and get back up the rankings as far as you can and leading on to the next challenge.


A big thank you to Yvonne Pate and Iain Macdonald for supplying the photographs.


Ken White,
Club Press Officer