The third and final round of the Scottish East District Age Group Championships was held at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, on 16/17 March 2024.


There were five events in all six age groups, both male and female, namely 100m in all four individual strokes, plus a 200m individual medley.


Fins had 12 swimmers, who qualified for the event, in action over the two days with a good degree of success, winning two best girl awards, two championship titles, plus two silver and three bronze medals and a further eleven finalists, or equivalent (the individual medley was heat declared winner). The swimmers contested 44 swims of which 43 produced a long course PB.


Top Fins’ swimmer was Lilian Blair, 11/12 girls, winning two best girls awards, one was for the best 11/12 girls over all three rounds of the championships and the other was for the highest points scored at the weekend. Lilian also won the district backstroke title in her age group, in what was a Fins one and two, in a time of 1 minute 21.24 seconds, recording a PB of 6.83 seconds.


Lilian also won two silver medals in the freestyle and butterfly; and two bronze medals in the breaststroke and individual medley.


The other district title was won by Adam Selbie, 14 years boys, again in the backstroke with a time of 1 minute 7.94 seconds, recording a 6.08 second PB. Adam also finished 4th in the individual medley, and 5th in the butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle.


The remaining medal, a silver, was won by Millie Whytock, 11/12 girls, again in the backstroke finishing just 1.49 seconds behind Lilian. This was a fantastic swim by Millie as she is in the younger half of the two year age group. Millie had two other swims finishing 10th in the freestyle and 13th in the butterfly.

Lilian, Adam and Millie
Adam is coached by Fins Head Coach Ian Lewis.


The other swimmers to make it to the finals were:

Ethan Pate, 13 boys, who finished 4th in both the individual medley and butterfly, 6th in the freestyle, 8th in the backstroke, and finished 13th in the breaststroke.

Irys Blair, 14 girls, who was 5th in the backstroke. Irys’ other non-final swims were 12th – individual medley, 17th – freestyle, 20th – butterfly, and 25th – breaststroke.

Caleb Gray, 13 boys, 6th individual medley, and his other swims were 9th in both the backstroke and butterfly, 12th – freestyle, and 14th – breaststroke.

Cole Gray, 11/12 boys, 8th in the backstroke. His other swims were 9th – individual medley, 12th – freestyle, 13th – butterfly, and 14th – breaststroke.


The results by the remaining five swimmers were:

Steven Pate, 17/O boys, 12th – breaststroke; 30th – freestyle

Finnley McDonald, 15 boys, 16th in both the freestyle and butterfly; 17th – breaststroke; 19th – individual medley; and 24th – backstroke.

Charlotte Wardlaw, 16 girls, 17th – breaststroke

Eva Watson, 13 girls, 18th – individual medley; and 20th – freestyle.

Grace Wilson, 17/O girls, 34th – freestyle.


Club Information

As this was a long course event, there were several movements in the long course top 50 (eventually) ranking, plus several entries. Where a swimmer has not been mentioned it means that there was no change to their position, event though they achieved a PB.


The highest ranked movement came from Adam in the backstroke where a 6.08 seconds PB saw him move from 14th to 5th. Adam also moved from 21st to 13th in the freestyle, and from 16th to 14th in the individual medley.


Irys was the next highest moving from 16th to 11th, also in the backstroke. Irys also moved from 28th to 21st in the breaststroke, and 24th to 23rd in the butterfly.


Steven moved from 19th to 12th in the freestyle.


Finnley moved from 16th to 14th in the breaststroke, from 17th to 16th in the butterfly; and from 19th to 17th in the freestyle. He also achieved two entries  and they were 17th in the backstroke; which was the highest new entry, and 18th in the individual medley.


Ethan moved from 22nd to 18th in the breaststroke; and from 25th to 23rd in the freestyle.


Caleb moved from 23rd to 19th in the breaststroke.


Charlotte moved from 23rd to 20th in the breaststroke


Lilian moved from 33rd to 24th in the backstroke; 30th to 26th in the butterfly; 30th to 27th in the breaststroke; 36th to 29th in the freestyle; and entered in 30th place in the individual medley.


Eva moved from 29th to 28th in the butterfly; 37th to 32nd in the freestyle; and entered at 31st in the individual medley.


Two swimmers 8 new entries.

Cole entered the butterfly in 20th place; the individual medley in 22nd; both the breaststroke and backstroke in 23rd; and the freestyle in 27th.


Millie entered the backstroke in 27th; the butterfly in 28th; and the freestyle in 38th.


Great performance by all swimmers.

Lilian, with her trophies, along with Fins’ Senior Coach Iain MacDonald, who coaches the Junior Squad.




Thank you to Yvonne Pate for supplying the photos.

Ken Whyte,

Club Press Officer