The Scottish East District Age Group Championships – Round 2, were held at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, on 3rd and 4th February, and got the 2024 long course season underway. Eight events were available in each of the various age groups, consisting of 50m and 200m in all four individual strokes.


Twelve, Fins’ swimmers qualified for the event, which is the largest numbers for several years. Unfortunately, because of illness, one swimmer had to withdraw prior to the meet and a further two had to withdraw part way through.


However, those that did swim had an excellent meet both in terms of achievement and performance. Performance wise, the eleven swimmers to start the event had 43 individual swims and achieved a total of 40 long course PBs.


In terms of achievement, 5 district titles were won, along with one silver medal, four bronze medals and 15 final placings.

L to R – Lilian, Cole and Millie

Top swimmer for Fins was Lilian Blair, 11/12 years girls, who had an outstanding weekend, winning all the five district titles plus two bronze medals. Lilian’s titles were for the 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly, 200m backstroke, and 200m freestyle. Her bronze medals were won in the 50m and 200m breaststroke, all PBs.


The only silver medal was won by Ethan Pate, 13 years boys, in the 200m butterfly. Ethan swam in all eight events available and qualified for a further five finals finishing 6th in the 50m butterfly and 200m freestyle; 7th in the 200m backstroke and 200m breaststroke; and 8th in the 50m freestyle.


Caleb Gray, 13 boys, also did well in the 200m butterfly, finishing just behind Ethan, to take the bronze medal. Caleb had a total of seven swims and made a further two finals finishing 4th in the 200m freestyle and 6th in the 200m backstroke.


Millie Whytock, 11/12 girls, swimming in her first District Championship, had just the one swim winning a bronze medal in the 50m backstroke. This was an excellent achievement as she is in the younger half of the two year age group and was the only 11 year old to qualify for the final.


Adam Selbie, 14 boys, had two 4th place finishes in the 50m butterfly and 50m breaststroke. He also finished a comfortable 2nd in the heats of the 200m backstroke, but unfortunately had to withdraw for the rest of the meet.

Jack Campbell, 11/12 boys, and another swimmer experiencing his first District event. Jack finished 4th in the 200m freestyle, and 10th in 50m butterfly.


Kristin Mackay, 16 girls was the second swimmer forced to withdraw after completing only two events where she finished 6th in both the 200m breaststroke and 200m butterfly.

L to R are – Grace, Jack, Ethan, Adam, Finnley, Caleb and Steven

Cole Gray, 11/12 boys, is another young swimmer who competed in five events, finishing 6th in the 200m freestyle.


Finnley McDonald, 15 boys, also competed in five events making the final of the 200m freestyle, finishing in 8th place.



The remaining two swimmers who missed out on a second swim were Steven Pate, 16 boys, and Grace Wilson, 17 and over girls.

The swimmer who withdrew prior to the meet was Irys Blair, 14 girls.



Club Information

The top 50 long course rankings are still at their formative stage and are likely to remain so for some time. However, there were a few additions from the district age group championships, plus some movement, and where nothing is mentioned, below, there is no change.


The highest placed move came from Ethan Pate who moved from 10th to 8th in the 200m butterfly. Ethan had four more moves, 19th to 16th – 50m backstroke; 21st to 18th in the 50m butterfly; 20th to 18th in the 50m freestyle; and 21st to 20th in the 200m freestyle.


Adam, moved  from 17th to 9th in the 50m butterfly; 11th to 10thth in his 200m backstroke; and 16th to 14th in the 50m breaststroke.


The highest placed entry was Finnley – who five entries in total – 9th place – 200m freestyle; 12th – 50m backstroke; 13th – 50m freestyle; 15th – 50m breaststroke; and 17th – 50m butterfly


One other swimmer made a top 10 ranking, Caleb, who enters the 200m butterfly in 10th place. Caleb’s other improvements were – 15th to 14th in the 200m backstroke; and  21st to 19th in the 200m freestyle.


The remaining movements and entries are:

Lillian – entered in 12th place – 50m butterfly; 20th to 15th – 200m breaststroke; 18th to 16th – 50m breaststroke; entered at 18th – 200m backstroke; 25th to 19th – 50m backstroke; 30th to 20th – 50m freestyle; and entered at 24th – 200m freestyle.


Cole – entered 19th – 50m backstroke; and 23rd – 200m freestyle

Jack – entered – 22nd – 50m butterfly; and 27th – 200m freestyle.


Millie – entered – 27th 50m backstroke.



Another impressive performance by all the swimmers.


Thanks to Yvonne Pate for providing the photos.
Ken White,
Club Press Officer