Eight Fins’ swimmers travelled to Prestonpans on 17/18 June to participate in the Lothian Region Distance Meet, and what an excellent weekend the swimmers produced.


The swimmers competed in 13 events and achieved a total of 21 PBs (this will be explained later). The swimmers competed in the 800m and/or 1500m freestyle


Within their own age year Fins swimmers accrued a total of six fastest swims at the meet, two second fastest and a further two third fastest.


Two swimmers had two fastest swims they were:

Ethan Pate, who recorded the fastest time in both events for a 12 year old boy. Both swims were the first official swims, in the events, and although the results have not been published on the Scottish rankings, as things stand Ethan would be ranked 1st in the 800m and 2nd in the 1500m, for 12 years boys.

In terms of the Fins’ all-time rankings the are spaces to fill in the boys 800m and 1500m freestyle and the girls 1500m freestyle, and Ethan enters the 800m in 17th place while in the 1500m freestyle he enters in 36th place.


Adam Selbie, who also recorded the two fastest times for a 13 year old boy. Adam has competed in both events previously and a 14.95 second PB in his 800m freestyle moves Adam from 13th place to 12th place, and in the 1500m freestyle a 13.26 seconds PB moves him from 29th to 26th place.

In terms of the Scottish rankings, Adam would likely be ranked 1st in the 1500m and 3rd in the 800m.

However, all the 50m splits are recorded, and published, on the official results which means that the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m are official times for these distances, which means that Adam recorded a 3.12 second PB on his 400m split, (this is where the additional PBs, mentioned at the start, come in) which in turn leaves Adam just 0.47 seconds short of the rankings.


The other two fastest swims were achieved by Irys Blair and Eva Watson. Irys recorded the fastest 800m freestyle for a 13 year old girl, and had the third fastest 1500m freestyle. Irys’ 800m saw her achieve a PB of 1 minute 25.09 seconds which moved her up the Fins’ rankings from 44th place to 26th. Her 1500m was her first official swim and her time of 20 minutes 33.62 seconds means that she enters the Fins’ rankings in 6th place.

In terms of Scottish rankings, Irys would likely be ranked in 4th place for her 1500m and in 5th place in the 800m freestyle.

Irys recorded a PB for her 400m freestyle split, reducing her previous best by 2.39 seconds, and means that she enters the top 50 in 50th place, and Stephanie Campbell drops out having set her time at the INCAS Distance meet in June 2013.


Eva just entered one event, the 1500m freestyle and recorded the fastest time for a 12 year old girl. This was a first official swim in this event for Eva and means she enters the Fins’ rankings in 9th place. Eva’s 800m time is also a PB  and means that she enters the Fins’ 800m freestyle rankings in 48th place. Falling out of the rankings is Hannah Cubitt, who recorded her time at the East District Challenge meet in March 2013.

Eva’s 800m split time would have given her 5th fastest time in the meet.

In terms of Scottish rankings,  Eva is likely to be ranked in 3rd place for the 1500m freestyle, and her time for the 800m freestyle split would rank her probably just outside the top 10.


Caleb Gray had the two second fastest times for a 12 year old boy. Again, these were his first official swims in both events and his recorded times means that he enters the Fins’ rankings in 21st place for the 800m freestyle and 37th place for the 1500m freestyle

In terms of Scottish rankings, he is likely to be ranked 3rd in the 1500m freestyle and 4th in the 800m freestyle.


The remaining third fastest time was achieved by Jennifer Gordon for a 17 year old girl. This was Jennifer’s first official swim in the 800m freestyle and she certainly made the most of it by entering the Fins’ rankings in 33rd place. This means that Sophie Hill drops out, having recorded her time at an East District Time Trial in October 2012.

Jennifer also recorded a further two PBs, one in the 400m freestyle split which was a first time swim which just missed entry to the top 50 rankings by just over 7 seconds, and a 10.66 second PB in her 200m freestyle split. This also was short on the top 50, this time by just over 12 seconds. Considering they were both achieved on the way to an 800m freestyle they are not too far away from the top 50.

In terms of the Scottish rankings Jennifer should be around the 19th/20th place for 17 years girls.


Charlotte Wardlaw entered both events, both first time official swims. Her times secured her 6th fastest 15 year old girl in the 1500m freestyle and 11th in the 800m freestyle. The times mean that she enters the top 50 rankings in 8th place for the 1500m event and in 42nd in the 800m event. Because the 800m freestyle has the full complement, moving out of the rankings is Gabby Gatherer who recorded her time at Glenrothes in October 2004. It looks as though Charlotte is outside the top 25 ranking place in both events in the 15 years girls age group.


The remaining swimmer is Alastair Gordon who competed in just the 800m freestyle, again to good effect in that in addition to his PB in 800m, which was a first official swim, he also achieved further PBs. Two of these 1st time swims but he did improve on his 50m freestyle time by 10.63 seconds beating the time he set at the Fife Novice league back in February 2020. His other two PBs from the splits came at 100m and 400m and although his 800m time enters Alastair into the top 50 rankings in 20th place his other two were short of the mark.

The only time that has changed with respect to swimmers gaining entry to Fins top 50 all-time rankings is the girls 800m freestyle and it now stands at 11 minutes 52.57 seconds.


It is also good to see the rankings for the other three events filling up that little bit more , but still quite a few unfilled spaces left.


Whether the swimmers are considering their position in the Fins’ rankings or the Scottish rankings the challenge that will face all swimmers is to improve that position, and if they are currently at the top of the Fins’ rankings aim to get as high as possible in the Scottish rankings and perhaps the British rankings.


However, do not look at the person(s) above you in the rankings, because they will also be trying to improve. The person you need to beat is yourself and that will be achieved through your training sessions with your respective coaches providing the guidance to help you.


Once again well done to all eight swimmers at the Lothian Distance Meet and keep up the good work.

Ken White
Club Press Officer