Eight Fins’ swimmers had an exceptional weekend at the Michael Wood Centre, last weekend, where they were competing in InCAS Distance Meet. The swimmers contested 24 swims where they gained 5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals and had a further 9 top 10 finishes.

They recorded 19 PBs with 12 of them in double figures. The top three swimmers in terms of improvements were:

Kristin Mackay, who reduced her 400m Individual Medley, 400m Freestyle, and 200m Butterfly by 26.33, 23.97, and 12.80 seconds respectively which, when ratified, will mean she tops all three events in the Scottish Rankings for 10 year old girls.

Emma Lorrainsmith, although not making a top 10 placing, reduced her 200m Freestyle by 26.34 seconds, and her 200m Breaststroke by 15.03 seconds.

Mark Scott, who reduced his 200m Individual Medley by 17.61 seconds.

Top swimmer was Kristin Mackay, 8 to 10 years girls, who won four gold medals in the 400m Individual Medley, 400m Freestyle, 200m Butterfly and 200m Freestyle, a silver medal in the 200m Individual Medley and was placed 4th in the 200m Backstroke.

The remaining gold medal was won by Kimberley McCabe, 15/O girls in the 200m Breaststroke. Kimberley also finished 7th in the 200m Individual Medley and 10th in the 800m Freestyle.

Mark Scott, 13/14 boys, won silver in the 200 Breaststroke, bronze in the 200m Butterfly, was 4th in both the 200m Individual Medley and 400m Freestyle, and 7th in the 200m Freestyle. Mark just missed out on a second bronze in the 200m Individual Medley by 0.23 seconds.

Blair Wardlaw, 15/O boys, won bronze in the 200m Backstroke, and finished 4th in the 200 Individual Medley, 5th in the 200m Freestyle, and 6th in the 400m Freestyle

The remaining three swimmers, who all recorded good PBs were Heidi Mellon, Emelia Zajac, and Georgia Johnston, all 11/12 years age group.