Thirty six Fins’ swimmers were back at the Michael Woods Centre last Sunday. Fourteen were the younger Novice League swimmers and the other twenty two competed in the Fife League in a total 42 swims which resulted in six 1st, seven 2nd, six 3rd, and a further seventeen top 10 placings, and they recorded a total of 29 PBs, with the largest improvements recorded by Grace Wilson, who reduced her 50m breaststroke by 11.09 seconds; Jennifer Gordon, who reduced her 200m breaststroke by 8.34 seconds; and Heidi Mellon, who reduced her 50m Breaststroke by 6.91 seconds.

Five swimmers won their event with Theo Goodfellow, 16/O boys winning both his events – the 100m and 200m breaststroke.

Nicole Reynolds, 16/O girls, won her 200m breaststroke and was 2nd in the 100m freestyle.

Two swimmers recorded a win and a 3rd placing and they were Mark Scott, 14/15 boys who won the 100m backstroke and was 3rd in the 200m Breaststroke; and Ben Lewis 16/O boys who won the 100m Freestyle and was 3rd in the 50m breaststroke.

Ailsa Burns, 14/15 girls won her 50m breaststroke and was 9th in the 100m Butterfly.

The remaining results were –

Adam Selbie, 9/11 boys, 2nd in both the 100m backstroke and 200m breaststroke

Euan Pate, 16/O boys, 2nd – 100m backstroke; 3rd – 200m breaststroke

Bethany Michie, 16/O girls, 2nd – 100m breaststroke; 4th – 50m breaststroke

Holly Armit, 14/15 girls, 2nd – 50m breaststroke; 6th – 100m backstroke

Erin Taylor, 14/15 girls, 2nd – 100m freestyle.  Erin ord in the 200m breaststroke but unfortunately was disqualified for a technical infringement.

Blair Wardlaw, 16/O boys, 3rd – 100m butterfly; 4th – 50m breaststroke

Steven Pate, 12/13 boys, 3rd – 200m breaststroke; 5th – 100m backstroke

Kristin Mackay,12/13 girls, 3rd – 100m backstroke; 6th – 200m breaststroke

Heidi Mellon, 12/13 girls, 5th in both the 100m backstroke and 50m breaststroke

Jennifer Gordon, 14/15 girls, 5th – 100m breaststroke

Kimberley McCabe, 16/O girls, 6th – 100m backstroke; 10th – 200m breaststroke

Ellen McLaughlin, 12/13 girls, 6th – 100m freestyle

Grant Wardlaw, 14/15 boys, 7th – 100m freestyle; 8th – 50m breaststroke

Olivia Dutiaume, 12/13 girls, 8th – 100m breaststroke

Grace Wilson, 12/13 girls, 8th – 100m butterfly

Charlotte Wardlaw, 12/13 girls, 10th – 100m breaststroke

The remaining swimmer who finished just outside the top 10 was Gemma Ewing (14/15)

The fourteen Novice swimmers had a total 18 swims and recorded 17 PBs with the top three improvement coming from Ruby Learmonth, who reduced her 50m Breaststroke by 12.78 seconds; Ciaran Burns reduced his 50m butterfly by 5.16 seconds; and Ethan Pate reduced his 25m backstroke by 3.17 seconds. The swimmers had an excellent day with Ethan, 9/U boys; Sophie Young, 10/O girls; and Campbell Rae, 10/O boys all beating the time band in the 25m backstroke, 50m backstroke and 50m backstroke respectively, which means they are not allowed to compete in these events at future leagues.

The remaining results were –

Callum Berry, 10/O boys, 2nd – 50m freestyle

Ayva Mellon, 9/U girls, 4th – 25m backstroke

Roman Johnston, 9/U boys, 4th – 25m freestyle

Callan McComskie, 10/O boys, 4th – 50m breaststroke

Caleb Gray, 9/U boys, 5th in both the 25m and 50m breaststroke

Ciaran Burns, 10/O boys, 5th – 50m butterfly; 7th – 10m breaststroke

Adam Pokora, 10/O boys, 7th – 50m breaststroke

Alastair Gordon, 10/O boys, 8th – 50m butterfly

The Novice League is very competitive and the three remaining swimmers just failed to make a top 10 finish. They were – Sarah Reid (10/O), Irys Blair (10/O), and, despite her massive PB, Ruby Learmonth (10/O).