Seven Fins’ swimmers were in action at the Royal Commonwealth Pool last Saturday where they competed in the Scottish East District Summer Sizzler. The meet targeted those swimmers who did not qualify for the Scottish Summer Meet or the British Age Group Championships, and drew a large entry from the East District Clubs and also some Midland District Clubs.

Although all age groups were included Fins took the opportunity to provide a long course experience for the younger and less experienced swimmers and for all bar two this was their first long course swims.

Not unexpectedly Fins only won one medal and that was a gold. However, they did manage to achieve a further four top 10 placings. The gold medal was won by Steven Pate in the 15/16 years men’s 100m breaststroke and the four top 10 placings were achieved by younger brother Ethan, 11/12 years boys. Ethan just missed out on a medal in the 100m breaststroke finishing in 4th place. His other top 10 finishes were – 7th – 100m butterfly; 9th – 100m freestyle; and 10th – 50m butterfly.

Ethan also finished 12th – 50m freestyle; 14th – 50m breaststroke; 14th – 100m backstroke; and 18th – 50m backstroke.

All the simmers should take a lot of encouragement from their performances, especially those who were in the wrong half of a double age band.

The remaining results were:

Ayva Mellon, 11/12 girls, 13th – 50m butterfly; 29th – 50m freestyle; and 30th – 100m freestyle.

Charlotte Wardlaw, 13/14 girls, 13th – 100m breaststroke; and 47th – 100m freestyle.

Wiktor Bak, 15/16 boys, 15th – 100m breaststroke; and 21st – 50m butterfly.

Caleb Gray, 11/12 boys, 18th – 100m Backstroke; 20th – 100m freestyle; 23rd – 50m breaststroke; 27th – 50m freestyle; and 29th – 50m backstroke.

Abby Morris, 13/14 girls, 33rd – 50m butterfly and 41st – 50m breaststroke.

This was a challenging event for the swimmers, especially those competing long course for the first time but this provides the swimmers with a good starting point from which to move forward. Remember the only person you are trying to beat is yourself and who knows where that may lead.

There are not yet top 50 long course rankings as the results were only recorded from 2010, but from what we have to date the swimmers are currently ranked as follows:

Steven – 10th – 100m breaststroke

Ethan – 14th – 50m breaststroke; 15th – 50m backstroke;16th – 50m butterfly; 17th – 100m butterfly; 17th – 50m freestyle; 19th – 100m breaststroke; 21st – 10m backstroke; and 23rd – 100m freestyle.

Caleb – 15th – 50m breaststroke; 16th – 50m backstroke; 20th – 50m freestyle; 22nd – 100m backstroke; and 24th – 100m freestyle

Wiktor – 15th – 50m butterfly and 17th – 100m breaststroke.

Ayva Mellon – 23rd – 50m butterfly; 26th – 50m freestyle; and 33rd – 100m freestyle.

Abby – 24th – 50m butterfly and 26th – 50m breaststroke.

Charlotte – 26th – 100m breaststroke and 33rd – 100m freestyle.