The next event we focus on is the 1500m Freestyle and, as you will see, this will be a relatively short account.

The reason for this is that up until about nineteen/twenty years ago, females did not compete in the event, at any level in World Swimming, and when it was recognised, there were, and still are, few opportunities to swim in the event. As a result, since 2003, we only have six swimmers in the rankings.

The current record was set by Erin Taylor, in the recent Fife Distance time trials at Glenrothes, and the time recorded is 17 minutes, 58.69 seconds. Unfortunately, the results from the time trials were not published on ‘Swimscotland’ and as a result Erin does not appear in the Scottish Rankings. If they had been published Erin would be ranked 6th in the 17 years girls age group, and 12th overall in Scotland.

There is, therefore, no time for the girls to achieve to make the top 50 club rankings, all you have to do is to swim this event in a recognised meet. The problem that swimmers may encounter is finding such a meet, should they wish to have a go.

In terms of the boys, once again there is room to allow them to compete in a recognised meet and you will be added to the rankings. Currently, there are 14 vacancies on the boy’s ranking list.
There are two members of the current squads in the rankings list.
As a result of his performance at the recent Fife Distance time trial Mark Scott moved into 2nd place, just over 30 seconds behind the current record holder (just over of two lengths of the pool), and current Head Coach, Ian Lewis who set the record of 16 minutes 21.22 seconds, at Carnegie, away back in December 1985. This was an excellent swim from Mark for his first competitive 1500m freestyle and in the grand scheme of things 30 seconds is doable the next time. When it is analysed, it is just 0.5 second per length of the pool, which is down to confidence and pacing. It is always difficult to pace a 1500m for the first time.  Mark now ranks in the top 5 in Scotland for this event aged 16.
The other swimmer who joined the rankings in 33rd place, again as a result of his performance at the Fife time trial, is Adam Selbie with a time of 20 minutes 46.13 seconds.

‘Labore et Scientia’ – through hard work and understanding.