Eleven Fins’ swimmers were back in action, after the winter break, at the 3rd round of the Scottish East District Age Group Championships, held at the Michael Woods Centre, Glenrothes, last weekend. All events were contested over 200m in the four strokes.

The swimmers competed in a total of 22 swims, which resulted in one Championship Title, one silver and two bronze medals and 15 other finalist placings (top 8).

The swimmers were a bit rusty in the first session on Saturday morning where 4 out of 8 non PB swims occurred.

However, things improved considerably in the three sessions that followed with some excellent PBs being recorded. Three of the PBs were in double figures and they came from Steven Pate who reduced his Breaststroke by 12.23 seconds, and Mark Scott who reduced his Backstroke by 11.45 seconds and his Butterfly by 10.57 seconds.

Top swimmer for Fins was Erin Taylor, 15 girls, who won Fins’ only title of the weekend, in the Butterfly. Erin almost made it a double in the Breaststroke where she was trailing by 1.06 seconds at the final turn and brought it back on the final length to just 0.43 seconds but had to settle for the silver medal. She also finished 8th in the Freestyle.

The two bronze medal winners were Kristin Mackay, 11/12 girls, in the Butterfly, and Nicole Reynolds, 17/O girls, in the Breaststroke. Kristin also finished 6th in the Backstroke, 7th in the Freestyle and 8th in the Breaststroke.

The remaining results were:

Mark Scott, 14 boys, 4th – Butterfly; 5th – Breaststroke; 6th in both Freestyle and Backstroke.

Theo Goodfellow, 17/O boys, 4th – Breaststroke.

Steven Pate, 13 boys, 5th – Breaststroke.

Neža Dolenc Luznar, 16 girls, 6th – Freestyle.

Ben Lewis, 16 boys, 7th – Backstroke; 8th – Freestyle.

Euan Pate, 17/O boys, 7th – Butterfly.

Blair Wardlaw, 16 boys, 8th – Backstroke.

The remaining swimmer to qualify for the event was Esme Lee, (14)